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Offer nimble support with ease
Run IT operations and
deliver great customer service
with a ready to use suite of
highly configurable apps in
the cloud.
ITIL and ITSM Applications that can be tailored to your needs rapidly.
ITIL your way!
Let your systems and processes evolve with your business.
Future proof your technology investment
Integration of workflow, communications, data and automation -
all in a single footprint. Implement automation, incrementally.
Track your Assets in one place and keep all the distinct records of truth in sync.
Establish a clean baseline, establish tight process controls around your
Assets and you dont have to perform another expensive Audit again!
Data Center operations simplified -
all the tools and widgets requred to run your Data Center Infrastructure
Broad Out-of-Box Functionality
A wide range of applications are provided to give customers a running start. Radaptive provides a single solution for ITSM, ITIL, ITAM, CRM, SFA, and more.
Application Generator
If you need to change one of the provided applications, or if you need to deploy a new application, you can do so in minutes by using Radaptive's Application Generator.
Holistic Design
Unlike other rapid development options, Radaptive's applications are created in an integrated fashion, striking the perfect balance between structure and customization.

IT operations and asset management
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Event management

Track any business impacting event such as Alarms from your monitoring system using our Event Console. All the necessary actions can be performed with a single click. Apply dynamic business rules to generate actions so that corrective actions can be taken. Create ‘Whiteboard’ rules to change the behavior on-the fly, that can be done using configuration and it does not require programming. Automate actions by adding scripts in placeholders and have them invoked either manually or automatically based on business rules. Integrates with common monitoring systems including Nagios, Gomez, SCOM, Zabix. API’s provide additional capabilities for Integration.

Incident management

Manage Incidents through our Incident Console which can be configured, depending on the roles of the user. Maintain continuity with the sources that result in the Incidents that are created by automatically creating relationships. While ITIL complaint, it also can be extended to encompass relationships to Projects and other non ITIL compliant processes in the Enterprise. The Incident form is highly flexible and can be adapted quickly which includes adding new fields, modifying status values and create new business rules to meet your specific processes, if needed. This is ITIL your way!

Change management

Track the Changes in your organization in a holistic manner. Track all the events and pre-requistes leading up to the Change Requests. The Change Management system allows you to save a draft without having to provide all the information in one sitting. The form is also highly flexidble and adapted quickly for various types of Change Requests. Capature the necessary information in order to Automate routine tasks. The Change Management can also be linked (“related to”) to other events that either instigated the Change or occurred as a result of the Change. The automation infrastructure provides a ‘Closed Loop Change Management’ – Changes that are intended to be made can be automatically verified once they have been completed and in the process, minimizing the risks due to unintended actions.

Asset management

Radaptive provides a robust foundation to track all your IT and Non-IT Assets in one single place. IT Assets can be automatically discovered and categorized using our Discovery engine(sold as an option) or it can integrate with other Discovery engines using standard API’s. Used with the powerful Workflow engine, it can automate functions such as detecting introduction of non-compliant hardware in Data Centers, generate Tickets for Failures etc. The Asset Information data model which is one of the components of the Radatpive platform is highly granular and all the information is available in the context of all the applications (Change Management, Problem Management, Bug Tracking etc) and therefore lends itself to a variety of automation activities.