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Radaptive’s mission is to provide truly effective, enterprise-scale software for operations management. Radaptive’s flagship product is based on the founders’ extensive experience in developing and deploying enterprise software solutions. By working with companies that range from established Fortune 500 powerhouses to Internet startups, a strategic solution has been formed that enables fast deployment and the ability to adjust the process controls needed for a company’s current stage of growth. Radaptive is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA and maintains a development center in Chennai, India.


Radaptive was started with a simple goal - to make useful enterprise software. Based on our experience, most enterprise software implementations were, at best, not used effectively. In many cases these systems were passionately loathed! Our mission was to understand why and provide a solution that users would embrace. By changing the paradigm from a passive documentation exercise to enabling automation and innovation, provides a system that encourages its use rather than it being just a chore