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At Your Service

Whether you need Radaptive services for swift resolution of a problem found on your server or to assist in the development of a workflow application strategy for your high-growth organization, Radaptive strives for service excellence.

Customer Support

Our customers use Radaptive's applications for mission-critical functions, so our Customer Support understands how serious your call can be. We can arrange a level of support that is based on your company's needs, and we work to earn your trust and confidence!
+ Tier 1 support for U.S.-based customers that are having non-critical issues is provided 6:00 am-5:00 pm Pacific time.
+ Tier 2 support is provided by our Chennai development center in India and is structured to cover all four U.S. time zones.

Strategic Planning

Our products are based on a business application strategy that encompasses a wide range of operational support systems. We start by establishing a top-down process map that can then be decomposed for your organization to a level that you see fit. Specific process areas can be prioritized over other areas as needed. This approach enables rapid compartmentalization of your entire operation and, for key business areas, systematic achievement of detailed granularity.

Installation, Customization and Training

Radaptive has designed all its products so that, in most cases, customers can install and customize the software. However, if tactical augmentation is needed to install or customize our products, we can provide a product expert to deliver whatever special services are required.